We have been long-term friends who share love for great food experience. In 2008, we were first created Rice Asian House & Sushi Bar located in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. It’s still serve our royal patrons 

We are now starting a new chapter of our passion. In Early 2018 “Cliantro Asian Bistro” was born in our favorite city “Hallandale Beach”. It brings a sophisticated Thai & Japanese cuisine in a vibrant contemporary but warm bistro.

Why “Cilantro” ?? Not many people know that Cilantro (Pak -Chee) is the most-used leafy aromatic herb in Asian Cuisine , especially Thai cooking, the whole plant is valued from tender leaves to the firm roots. One thing that makes Thai Food Stand apart is the freshness and lightness that comes from loads of fresh herbs. Cilantro, Galangal, Basil are all used generously either in combination or alone.


At Cilantro we are committed to provide our patrons with finest selection of authentic Thai dishes along with the finest grade sushi from the best place around town. Although we love to try out new recipes and experiment with the two cuisines, you also can find all the traditional Thai dishes such as PadThai, Curries and many more. Don’t miss Cilantro’s style sushi rollers, you will love the way we do best.

" We live to eat as much as you do. We nicely prepare every dishes with touch of LOVE."


                                                Cilantro's Team Management.